Greenkeeping Update with Greg 6/2/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 6/2/17

Another bunker was revetted last week, this time on Jaws. The impact on the hole is significant both visually and strategically and the name of the hole is quite fitting for a bunker of this nature.20170203_103752

Greens and approaches have again been cut and look well for it. As the years go by and we begin to complete the larger construction work, refining the playing surfaces will become much more regular in the winter time. Of course, this is also dependant on weather conditions.

This week we will begin servicing the machinery which will take a few weeks to complete. Anthony Piggins is our mechanic and with the help of the rest of the team, we will ensure the equipment is in good order ready for regular use during the season.

Elsewhere we will cut back some more gorse and also repair a few worn areas around greens with new turf.

Hope to see you out and about,



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