Greenkeeping Update with Greg 5/12/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 5/12/16

For once there isn’t much to report from the Greenkeeping department, as our work has continued on bunkers and general course maintenance.

Work to the bunkers on Boulby has been completed, with work to begin on the remaining bunkers on Cook’s Endeavour this week.

Greens and aprons were slit tined and cut last week and the surfaces are presenting well at the moment.

One area that we will be stepping up our efforts in, is recruiting a new Greenkeeper this winter. Stuart Bint recently left our team to pursue a new career and we wish him well for the future.

We already have a list of excellent candidates and I shall be reviewing the list this week to arrange interviews for the new year. It’s exciting times here at Hunley, as we are not short of suitors for the role. Once a decision has been made, I have no doubt that we will have one of the best teams in the country.

Have a good week,


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