Greenkeeping Update with Greg 3/4/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 3/4/17

Any of you playing recently will now be aware that all projects carried out in the winter are now in play. Although there may be some of these areas with a faint white line showing, they are now in play so please ignore the white line.

That said there may be isolated areas of ground that are GUR such as next to the pond on Reddings Apron, but these are marked clearly with a strong white line.

One area mentioned recently is Cottage Corner where new telegraph poles have been installed. This is currently still quite wet and is on the edge of the hole in rough ground and if you find your ball in rough ground you may experience a bad lie. The following are instances where relief is available without penalty:

  • The posts themselves are immovable obstructions and relief can be taken if they interfere with your shot under rule 24-2.
  • Relief can also be taken from any wet area under casual water rule 25-1.
  • Any areas that are marked with a clear white line are GUR rule 25-1.

Work on the course has been predominantly mowing and we are now seeing much better definition to the holes. Sand applied last week has helped improve ball roll but it will take a little while for the different grass species to grow evenly and fill in the gaps. This week is more of the same as we look to improve playing qualities further.

The only other thing to mention is the staff/members golf on Thursday, which we are all very much looking forward to!



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