Greenkeeping Update 25/2/2020

Greenkeeping Update 25/2/2020

It’s been a fairly depressing week, with the course having being closed for 9 days straight now.

Starting with the devastation caused by storm Dennis just over 1 week ago, rain has fallen every day since, with a total of 109 mm (4 1/2 inches) in that period hitting already saturated ground.

As a team though despite being unable to prepare the course for play, we don’t like to see any time pass without making some form of progress.

A new path has been laid on Davy’s, leading from the green to the road side which has always been a very muddy section. Although the astro turf used for the path isnt new, it is at least firm and dry to walk on now.

Bins have been brought off the course, cleaned up and painted. Tee markers are also being painted and we’re in the process of gathering up more stones to replace the older plastic markers that have become very tired looking. New flags, flagsticks and hole cups have arrived and are ready to go out, although we will probably save these for another couple of weeks yet.

After seeing the greenside bunker on Warsett again washed away by theextreme flow of water recently, we have installed a storm drain in front of the green to prevent this whilst also removing the water that was slow to drain from front of the green itself.

It’s touch and go as to wether the course will be fit for the Teeside Alliance on Wednesday, however the forecast is better for the week ahead. As always though daily checks will be carried out and with a couple of dry days in a row, we will have a chance.

Despite the difficult weather systems of late we can at least feel positive about the fact our course is now very quick to recover once the rain stops. So let’s keep fingers crossed for some golf in the not too distant future, but that’s all from me this week!



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