Greenkeeping Update with Greg 24/10/16

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 24/10/16

We are now quite close to completing the projects on Toon’s Tier and Morgan’s Mound. New turf is being delivered on Wednesday this week which will allow us to complete both jobs. This should see both greens returned to play for the weekend, although this will be reliant on their condition immediately after work is complete.

Elsewhere this week we will be spiking the greens with pencil tines. This is carried out monthly to maintain the health of the turf and the soil by improving the amount of air beneath the surface.

We are going to be treating the greens with a preventative fungicide too, which will ensure that disease activity is kept to an absolute minimum and maintain the health of the turf through the winter. It is however very pleasing to see the greens suffering much less from the threat of disease now and that our management is resulting in strong healthy turf that can offer good quality putting surfaces all year round.

Finally, I’m going to host a couple of course walks in November for those of you interested to know more about the reasoning behind our work on the course. I will hold 2 walks, the first on Friday 18th at 3pm and the second on Saturday 19th at 1pm. ┬áPlease do come along, as I’m sure there are many of you that have not been on a course walk before and it would be good to hear your views.


Thanks Greg

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