Greenkeeping Update with Greg 16/1/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 16/1/17

We have continued with work on the bunkers over the last week, with the new bunkers on Trillo’s completed. Snaith’s and Fox Covert green side bunkers also received attention, having the base cleaned out ready for new sand.

The weather has finally turned against us meaning work on the course has become more limited. We can now drop on to other tasks such as machinery servicing, gorse pruning and administration work such as health and safety.

Work has been undertaken on the new short game practice area, with a path being created from the driving range parking, down to the new green complex. The area is almost ready for use, with only a few finishing touches and a bit of time required. Our target for opening is the beginning of March.

This week, we will be starting to service our fleet of machinery, draining the path next to the tee on Toon’s Tier and weather permitting we hope to mow all the greens.

That’s all this week and lets hope the weather picks up for the weekend!




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