Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/2/17

Greenkeeping Update with Greg 13/2/17

ToreI have good news to bring this week as we have secured the services of an outstanding individual to join our greenkeeping team.

Tore Lundby Hansen will start with us on March 6th after being the leading candidate out of several quality individuals that were interviewed.

Tore originates from Norway and began his career working as a grennkeeper at Hauger Golf Club in Norway, before coming over to the UK to study at Elwmood College near St Andrews. He successfully completed both the HNC and HND in Golf Course Management achieving a distinction in both. At this time he received an R & A Scholarship, which is awarded only to a select few high caliber greenkeepers (less than 300 worldwide). Tore will become the 4th Scholar to have worked at Hunley along with myself, Tom Coulson and David Jones. This shows the quality of our team here now and how serious we are about reaching the highest level of golf course conditioning.

While in the UK he also worked on the teams preparing the courses for both the Dunhill Links Championships in 2013 at Kingsbarns and The Open Championships in 2014 at Royal Liverpool. His latest position has been in New Zealand working at Royal Auckland Golf Club which is one of the premier courses in New Zealand.

We look forward to him joining our already excellent team and his expertise will help us to raise standards even further.

Back on the course, work has been carried out on the machinery with our main tractor being fully serviced. The driving range has been keeping us busy picking balls and it is great to see the range getting so much more use in recent months. This week will be again concentrated on servicing machinery and smaller tasks around the course, particularly after having a large quantity of rainfall over the weekend.

We have also begun work on the bunkers near the green on Guibel. We are going to open up the approach to the green to allow straight shots to reach the green, by levelling out the left hand bunker and reshaping the right hand one. The work will also prevent water washing out the bunkers and the new shape will also be more natural.

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