Greenkeeping Update 11/2/2020

Greenkeeping Update 11/2/2020

After a beautiful run of sunny days, winter returned on Sunday with Storm Ciara.

This week is about recovering from that and this is mostly from the flash flooding that resulted. It was good to see recent improvements to the courses defences working well and this all contributes to a quick return to play after such extreme weather events.

It is a quick reminder though that despite the course drying up recently, with restrictions being lifted and even buggies being back on, it can quickly change with heavy rainfall at this time of year. Hopefully though, this will just be a temporary blip and we will still see an early start to spring.

Last weeks dry spell allowed us to get some cutting done ahead of time, with fairways and aprons all being cut along with the usual weekly cut on the greens.

In addition of a final bunker on Rawcliffe was completed in preparation to it’s opening in only a few weeks now. The old one behind it will be filled in this week and that will conclude changes to the hole. We look forward now to seeing it in play!

The team continue to work wonders though and we all enjoy see the continued development of the course.

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